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This tutorial is intended to give webdevs a quick introduction to Java as it is relevant in many of our day-to-day lives. I'll be explaining basic concepts that can be built on later as one's Java experience grows. We'll be covering creating and running a basic command line program, working with files and directories, working with Java Collections via ArrayList and the stream API, and spawning child processes
In the second installment we will finish rendering the whole app as well as add some basic URL routing to control the state of our app
ES6 gives us new native js features that make making a SPA a little easier. We will be making use of modules, template strings (and "tagged template literals"), classes, promises, and arrow functions
It's very common to use backbone's router to drive application state with the window's url. The basic idea is that popstate or hashchange events are matched to a hash of routes and invoke a handler function. This approach works well for changing views, but not so well for setting application state.
Oh, the usefulness of git reset. It works in two modes: The first mode modifies the "index" and the working-tree, moving around files similarly to git add but in the opposite direction. The second mode affects the tip of the branch, effectively undoing commits.